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How to upgrade from the Free Version to a Paid Plan
How to upgrade from the Free Version to a Paid Plan
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Recruiters and hiring managers will be able to upgrade their account to a Paid Plan

To Upgrade Your Plan

  1. Login to your WeCP account as a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

  2. On your organization's homepage, click on the Settings tab on the navigation bar to your left.

  3. Click on the Subscriptions and credits tab in the left pane.

  4. You can view your current plan and change it by clicking the change plan button.


  5. A pop-up window will appear, displaying all of the available plans. You can select the most appropriate plan based on your requirements.

  6. For a more detailed comparison between the different features available under each plan, click on the Learn More at the bottom.



You can also upgrade your plan directly by clicking the Upgrade Now button at the top and select your plan.

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