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How to invite Members to a Group?
How to invite Members to a Group?
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Recruiters and Hiring managers will learn how to invite members to manage a Group with them and also about the different access levels that can be assigned to them.

To Invite Members to a Group

  1. Login to your WeCP account as a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

  2. On your organization's homepage, click on the Settings tab on the navigation bar to your left.

  3. Click on the Groups tab, in the new window.

  4. Click on the card of the Group, to which you want to add members.
    For example, if you want to add members to the Data Science Group, click on the Data Science card.

  5. To invite a Member, simply enter their Email Address.

  6. Once done, define the Access Level by selecting a permission level in the drop-down box. Read More Understanding Questions, Read, Write, Admin Access Levels.

  7. Click Invite Member.

  8. Access Levels can be edited for existing members by just selecting the Questions, Read, Write, or Admin box visible next to the Member's name.

  9. To remove a Member, click on the Delete icon next to the user's name.


Members are required to perform different roles at the Group/department level. It is necessary for at least one member to have Admin access to the resource.

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