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Understanding the Code Editor
Understanding the Code Editor
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The candidates will get accustomed to the features of the code editor that is visible in programming-related questions.

When you are answering a programming-related question, the code editor will appear.

The different components of the code editor are as follows:

  1. Size: It allows you to choose a font size. Click on A+ to increase the size and A- to decrease the size.

  2. Language preference: You can choose the language in which you want to write the code, using this drop-down menu. The availability of languages depends on the question setter as well as the role for which you are applying.

  3. Custom Test case: You can click on this button to check the accuracy of your code by entering your own input values.

  4. Run code: You can click on this button to check the accuracy of your code and debug it.

  5. Submit: Click on this to finally check your code against the given Test cases. Read More Can I modify my code after clicking on the Save and Submit button?


Note: These functionalities are given for your convenience and have nothing to do with the evaluation of the code.

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