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My Test invitation is expired. What do I do now?
My Test invitation is expired. What do I do now?
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Candidates will learn what to do in case their Test invitation has already expired.

If you are facing any of the following situations related to the expiration of the Test invitation and the given screen is visible to you:

  1. The invitation was already expired right from the time that it arrived in the email.

  2. The invitation is scheduled for an old Test, which has already expired.

  3. The invitation is scheduled for an absurd date (either too far in the past or in the future).
    If your invitation has expired because the scheduled Test window has ended, or you have intentionally or unintentionally not given the Test in the mentioned Test window, your requests will not be entertained, under any circumstances.


You must directly contact the recruiter highlighting the problems (along with screenshots of the problem) and can request a new Test link.

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