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Why you may get disqualified by your hiring company?
Why you may get disqualified by your hiring company?
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Below are the reasons why your hiring company aka organisation here on, may disqualify you.

  1. Mismatch with Selection Criteria: Not meeting the specific selection criteria laid out by the organization can lead to immediate disqualification. This might be in terms of skills, qualifications, or other specified prerequisites.

  2. Engaging in Unethical Activities:

    • Cheating or Plagiarism: Using someone else's work or ideas without giving them credit, especially during assessments or tasks, can lead to rejection.

    • Impersonation: Presenting oneself as someone else or using another individual's credentials is a grave offense.

    • Malpractices: Engaging in dishonest activities, especially during interview processes or assessments, is not tolerated.

    • Unethical Behavior: Involvement in activities that go against the company's code of ethics or moral standards, even if outside the hiring process, can be grounds for disqualification.

  3. Organizational Specifics: Apart from the commonly stated reasons, an organization may have its unique set of rules, guidelines, or criteria. Failing to adhere to any other criteria set by the organization, at their sole discretion, can lead to disqualification.

  4. Inaccurate or Incomplete Information: Providing false information or deliberately omitting critical details on your resume or during the interview can lead to disqualification.

  5. Lack of Professionalism: Not displaying professional behavior, such as being late for interviews, inappropriate attire, or poor communication skills, can impact your chances.

  6. Cultural Misfit: If the hiring team feels that a candidate might not align well with the company's culture or values, it might lead to disqualification.

  7. Negative Background Check: Organizations typically conduct background checks before finalizing a hire. Any negative findings, like a criminal record or misrepresentations in the past, can be grounds for disqualification.

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