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Understanding interview dashboard
Understanding interview dashboard
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Interviewers and Moderators will learn about the tabs and features in the interview dashboard.




You will find everything related to the interview schedule in this tab. You can schedule a new interview, check the details of a scheduled interview, bulk upload the interview schedule, download the interview schedule, etc.

All the information related to the candidates like email-id, interviewer assigned, date and time of the interview, joining status, etc can be viewed in this tab.


The interviewer can set questions for the interview in this tab, in one or more programming languages of their choice.

The moderator can create an interviewer as well as a candidate feedback form in this tab.

You will find fields such as Name of the interview, Start of interview notice, Languages, link to next round, etc that you can change as per your choice.

using this tab you can add more members as moderators, interviewers, and admin to the interview.

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