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How to invite candidates with a private test link for each candidate?
How to invite candidates with a private test link for each candidate?
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers can invite multiple candidates with a private, unique test link for each candidate.

To invite candidates with a private test link

  1. Login to the WeCP Platform with your Recruiter/Hiring Manager account.

  2. Navigate to the test that the candidates were invited to complete.

  3. Click on the Candidates tab at the top.

  4. Click on the Invite Candidates button.

  5. In the pop-up dialog box, enter all the candidates' email addresses who are expected to take the online test. Separate email addresses using commas.

  6. Each candidate will receive a unique link to access the test.

  7. Enter the Sender's name visible to the candidate who receives the test link. Provide the Reply email for candidates to respond to the test link invite and the Email subject.

  8. Test links can be sent to multiple candidates using the Bulk upload action. Clicking Upload excel allows you to browse and select a .csv file containing the candidates' emails.
    Note: It is important to use the correct file format for uploading.

  9. Click Download excel template to use the WeCP format for bulk invites. Enter the candidates' email, and fill the optional fields if required. Save the file and use the Upload excel button to import the email information.

  10. If the optional fields are not completed in the .csv file, you can enter the information in the pop-up screen for the Sender's name, Reply email, and Email Subject fields.

  11. Click Send Invites to distribute the test links amongst the candidates.

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