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Understanding WeCP's Test Environment
Understanding WeCP's Test Environment
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Candidates will be able to understand WeCP's Test Environment before they take a test.

If you are a candidate who has an upcoming test with us, here is a quick guide to help you get familiar with WeCP’s test environment

  1. Open the web URL:

  2. You may choose which test you would like to take, fill in the relevant credentials and proceed to take the sample test.

  3. Navigating through WeCP's test interface.

  4. Once you start the test, you will see the following interface.

    1. Toolbar: It has all the important tools that you would require during the duration of the test. Its components are as follows:

      1. Flag: This button is used to flag a question, so you may come back to it at a later time. It will be indicated with a yellow circle around the question number in the Test Navigator.

      2. Theme: It allows you to switch between the dark and light themes.

      3. Video feed: It lets you minimize or maximize the camera bubble.

      4. Profile: It shows your name and email id.

    2. Timer: It shows how many minutes you have left before the test ends.

    3. Progress circle: As you keep answering questions, you will be able to see your progress on the progress circle. It will advance only after your answer has been saved.

    4. Clear Answer: For Multiple Choice Questions, after you have selected your answer, and you now want to change your submission, you may click on this button to clear your submission and select a new answer.

    5. Previous/Next: These are navigating buttons. You can go to the previous or next question by clicking on these buttons.

    6. Test Navigator: You can see all the questions in the Test Navigator The questions may be divided into various sections. It helps for ease of navigating through the different questions.

      1. A Green circle around the question number denotes that your answer has been saved.

      2. A Yellow circle around the question number denotes that you have 'flagged' the question, and you can come back to answer the question later.

      3. A question number in Blue denotes the current question that you are on.

    7. Finish Test: Once you have finished answering all the questions, and see that your progress circle has reached 100%, you can click on the Finish Test button to submit your test.

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