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Understanding WeCP's Proctoring Settings
Understanding WeCP's Proctoring Settings
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Learning Outcome

Recruiters and hiring managers will learn what all proctoring settings WeCP offers and how it aids in conducting fair assessments.

  1. Force Full-Screen - Forcing a candidate's browser into full-screen mode is a technique used in online assessments to ensure that the candidate's entire screen is dedicated to the assessment or test, with no distractions from other open tabs, applications, or notifications. When Force Full-Screen is enabled - The candidate’s browser will be forced into full-screen mode.

  2. Log Candidate Tab Change Activities - Track if the candidate moved out of the tab during the test. When a candidate switches to a different browser tab, the monitoring system detects this change and records it. The system also records the timestamp of when the tab change occurred. This information can be useful for later analysis if any suspicious behavior is detected.

  3. Disable External Copy/Paste - This will restrict copy/paste from external sources, however, candidates will be allowed to copy/paste within the test window.

  4. Email Watermarking - WeCP allows you to watermark your assessments to prevent them from being leaked or shared, as the candidates' email addresses are displayed in the background of each question. It also disables question selection and highlighting, which prevents copying and pasting the question text and thus further preventing question sharing.

  5. Video Proctoring - Video proctoring, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is an advanced examination monitoring and security system designed to ensure the integrity of WeCP's assessments. This technology leverages a combination of video and audio analysis, facial recognition, and other behavioral cues to monitor candidates during their test attempts. Its primary goal is to identify any suspicious or unauthorised activities that may compromise the fairness and reliability of the assessment process.

  6. Whole Screen Recording (New Feature) - WeCP now helps capture the candidate's entire screen, delivering indisputable proof to uphold the test’s integrity and swiftly identify any malpractice attempts.

  7. Multi-Screen Detection (New Feature) - WeCP helps safeguard your test by actively detecting and restricting the use of multiple displays. This ensures that candidates cannot engage in malpractice and seek external assistance.

  8. Audio Proctoring ( New Feature ) - Enhances assessment integrity by detecting external assistance, blocking illicit communication

Steps to enable these features:

1. You can enable this feature by logging into your WeCP account as a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

2. Select the Test from the home page and navigate to the Settings tab at the top.


3. Toggle ON to the features to enable it, and then save your changes.

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