How do I create a Test?
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers will learn to create a test.

To create a Test

  1. Login to your WeCP account as a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

  2. Click on the Create Test button at the top right corner of your organization's homepage.

  3. Our Test Templates will appear in the pop-up. Here you can either create your own test from scratch or use one of our pre-made test templates.

  4. To use a pre-made template, click on the Use Template button.

  5. Once you create your test, enter the name of your choice in the Name of the Test field.

  6. Choose the Group to which you want to add the Test, from the Destination Group drop-down list (Read more How do I create a Group?)

  7. Finally, click on Create to create the new test.

  8. You will immediately be redirected to the Test dashboard that you just created.

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