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How to assess Algorithmic skills on WeCP?
How to assess Algorithmic skills on WeCP?
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will learn about the recommended methods of assessing candidates' algorithmic skills on WeCP's platform.

  1. Most of the candidates who have good algorithmic skills prove to be proficient in advanced software engineering. They also tend to be proficient in developing high-performing software in lesser time.

  2. WeCP provides a unique environment for testing these skills and helping you choose the right candidate for the role.

  3. It is recommended to design such a test so as to assess the basic thought process and the problem-solving ability alongside the algorithmic skills, to realize the true potential of the candidates.

  4. To make your task easier, WeCP provides custom-made assessments as well as pre-designed tests on programming (algorithms), that can be made instantly available for you to use.

  5. These tests are curated by experts and tend to evaluate the candidates with the help of conceptual and practical questions on Logic Implementation, Greedy algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Trees, Graph, Arrays, Linked List, etcetera.

  6. Programming(algorithms) type questions are widely used and prove to be one of the best assessing techniques for testing these skills.

  7. However, before moving forward with the assessment, you must ensure that the difficulty level of the assessment is well-tuned with the experience level of the candidates.
    For this purpose, WeCP provides you with questions of three different difficulty levels: Easy(30 minutes solving time), Medium(45 minutes solving time), and Difficult(60 minutes solving time), for you to choose from.

Note: These are only recommendations made by WeCP experts. You can request for specially curated personalized assessments as per your requirements, anytime.

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