Understanding Codegap type Questions
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will learn how Codegap type questions are uniquely evaluated on WeCP's platform.

  1. WeCP provides you with a unique test environment that can be used to evaluate the candidates using different question types. This article explains the Codegap question type in detail.

  2. You can assess the candidates using code-snippets with blanks embedded in the questions in the test environment. WeCP also provides pre-built Codegap questions created by experts that can be made instantly available for you to use.

  3. These questions are mostly used to test skills in such technologies which are not open-source and whose compilers are difficult to recreate, due to various factors.

  4. These questions can be made available on any of the topics of your choice like Salesforce, SAP ABAP, Oracle BI etc.

  5. WeCP also provides you with options to enable plagiarism prevention and fraud detection in your tests. These proctor settings play a major role in assisting you in picking the right candidate.

  6. All the codegap type questions are evaluated automatically by WeCP's self-sufficient platform.

  7. The candidates can enter their answers in the editor, as per the requirements of the question.

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