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How to assess TIBCO developer skills on WeCP?
How to assess TIBCO developer skills on WeCP?
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will understand how candidates' TIBCO developer skills can be assessed on WeCP's platform.

  1. WeCP provides a virtual environment for testing the hands-on skills of the candidates on different open-source technologies.

  2. However, in order to conduct similar tests for software such as the TIBCO (that are not open-source and need to be individually purchased), the license to the software must be purchased by the customer(Recruiter/Hiring Manager).

  3. Thereafter, the customer (Recruiter/Hiring Manager) must share the installation instruction of the software, allowing WeCP to set up a virtual test environment for the same.

Please refer to the following image of the Windows virtual environment to get a glimpse of how virtual environments work on WeCP's platform:


However, we understand the hassle and inconvenience that you'd have to face, in following the above steps. Therefore, we recommend you to assess candidates' TIBCO developer skills using MCQ(single correct), MCQ(checkboxes) and Codegap Question types.

Question Type


The knowledge of TIBCO can be easily assessed by using situation-based MCQ questions having a single correct answer. Learn More

If you wish to rule out the possibility of guesswork from the assessment, while checking the practical knowledge of the candidates in TIBCO, MCQ questions having multiple correct answers will be the right choice for you. Learn More

Codegap is the question-type in which code-snippets with blanks are embedded in the questions. These questions have a proven record of being highly efficient in assessing the hands-on coding skills of the candidates in different software and technologies. Learn More

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