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Understanding Bulk Upload Template
Understanding Bulk Upload Template
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers can directly upload a batch of questions to new and existing tests through the Question Editor.

To upload questions in bulk

  1. Login to your WeCP Recruiter/Hiring Manager account.

  2. Select the Test from the home page and navigate to the Questions tab at the top

  3. Click on Add questions button corresponding to that section. This will open the Question Library.

  4. Question Library is the place where all defined test questions exist in the WeCP platform. Click on the Bulk upload button on the top right-hand side.

  5. A modal will be displayed giving the option to either Download Template or to Upload File.


Template Fields

  1. Question Title - Input the title of the question here and not the actual question.

  2. Question Type - Define the format of the question here (MCQ only)

  3. Skill - Define the skill which shall be assessed via this question

  4. Tags - Define appropriate tags for this question. Multiple tags can be added just by adding commas.

  5. Difficulty Level - Define the complexity of the question. Choose between - Easy, Medium and Hard

  6. Question Text - Input the entire question description here.

  7. Visual/Additional Information - Input supporting visual/additional for the question, if any.

  8. Answer Choice 1 - Input the first answer option here

  9. Answer Choice 2 - Input the second answer option here

  10. Answer Choice 3 - Input the third answer option here

  11. Answer Choice 4 - Input the forth answer option here

  12. Answer Choice 5 - Input the fifth answer option here (Optional)

  13. Correct Answer - Enter which choice of the above choices is the right answer (Example - Choice 1)

  14. Answer Description - Input the explanation to the right choice. (Optional)

  15. Positive Marks - Define the marks/score for this question

  16. Negative Marks - Define the negative marks if any associated with this question

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