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Understanding the Question Library
Understanding the Question Library
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers can familiarize themselves with the Question Library to better understand how to manage questions for new and existing tests. You can add new, edit, import, remove, and download questions from the library.

  1. Login to your WeCP Recruiter/Hiring Manager account.

  2. Click on the Questions tab on the left navigation panel to open the Question Library. This is where all defined test questions exist in the WeCP platform.

  3. Use the filters on the top to find specific questions by Difficulty, Question Type, Skills, and Tags.

  4. At the top of the page, there are two buttons:

    1. The Create New Question button is used to create and add new custom questions to the library.

    2. The Upload in Bulk button allows for the upload of many questions at a time. The questions must be in an Excel format. You can download the template in which the questions must be made by clicking on the Download Template Button which will show up in a modal after you click on the Upload in Bulk button.

    3. After creating your questions, you can click on Upload File within the above-mentioned modal to upload them into the Question Library.

  5. If you mark the checkbox corresponding to a question, three options are displayed: Download, Delete and Cancel.

    1. The Download button can be used to download questions into an Excel file from the Question Library.

    2. Use the Delete button to delete any question from the Question Library.

    3. Use the Cancel button to abandon the download or delete process.


Note: Currently we support the download of MCQ-type questions only. We will be introducing the option to download other question types soon!

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