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Solving WeCP Project Question as a Team
Solving WeCP Project Question as a Team
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Working as a team to solve a project question can be a challenging task. It requires coordination, collaboration, and effective use of tools and resources. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to solve a WeCP project question as a team.

1. Form Your Team

The first step is to form your team. This involves selecting team members who have the necessary skills and expertise required for the project. Make sure to have a diverse team with members having different skill sets that complement each other.

2. Appoint a Team Lead

Once the team is formed, appoint a team lead. The team lead will be responsible for coordinating the team's efforts, assigning tasks, and ensuring that the project is completed on time.

3. Create a Github Repository for Your Team and Give Your Team Access

The next step is to create a Github repository for your team. This repository will be used to store and manage the code for the project. Make sure to give all team members access to the repository so that they can contribute to the project.

4. Start the Group Project Test on WeCP as Team Lead

The team lead should start the group project test on WeCP. This involves logging into the WeCP platform, selecting the project question, and starting the test. The team lead will be responsible for pulling the initial version of the project on WeCP. You can get the keys to initialize github by clicking on the initialize github button shown below:

Screenshot 2023-07-06 215743.png

You can use the key obtained to connect your Github account to WeCP. You can read about this process under the Adding a new SSH key to your account section here.

5. Code on WeCP as Team Lead

The team lead should start coding the initial version of the project on WeCP. Make sure to write clean and well-documented code. This will make it easier for other team members to understand and contribute to the project.

6. Push / Pull Code From WeCP to/from Github

Once the initial version of the project is completed, the team lead should push the code from WeCP to their Github repository. This will make the code accessible to all team members. Team members can then pull the code from Github, work on their assigned tasks, and then push their changes back to the Github repository. It is to be noted that code is only pushed/pulled from the main branch of the github repository. You can pull the code from your repository to WeCP as shown below:

a 13.png

7. Test / Debug / Preview the Code on WeCP

After all team members have completed their assigned tasks and pushed their changes to the Github repository, the team lead should pull the latest version of the code from Github and test, debug, and preview the code on WeCP. Make sure that the code is free of errors and that it meets the project requirements.

8. Make Final Submission on WeCP for Evaluation

Once the code is tested and debugged, the team lead should make the final submission on WeCP for evaluation. This involves submitting the code and any other required documents on the WeCP platform.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the WeCP project question as a team. Remember, teamwork and effective communication are key to the success of any group project. Make sure to have regular meetings, assign clear tasks to each team member, and use tools like Github and WeCP to manage and collaborate on the code. Happy coding!

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