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How to grant Clipboard access for your Test
How to grant Clipboard access for your Test
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Clipboard Access

Tests with copy-paste prevention enabled will require the candidate to give clipboard permission prior to starting the test.

Starting Your WeCP Test

When taking a proctored test, you will need to allow clipboard access for the duration of your test.

  1. You need to enable permission on your browser to allow WeCP to access your device's clipboard.

  2. When your camera is successfully enabled, you will be able to verify your identity by using the webcam to take a photo and proceed to the test questions.

Google Chrome

  1. In Chrome, a pop-up notification will appear on the Address bar in the browser window requesting permission. Click Allow.

  2. Alternatively, a camera icon with a red icon will appear in the browser's address bar. Click on this icon to expand the permissions options.

    Select the activate option, Always allow to access your clipboard.
    Click Done to save your changes.

  3. If you are experiencing activation issues, click here to visit Google Chrome for help.

Alternatively, you can try:

  1. Click on the padlock icon on your browser's address bar as shown below:

  2. Enable the clipboard access in your browser (reference image below):

  3. After enabling the Clipboard access simply reload the page and start your test!

Other Browsers

You can replicate the above steps on your preferred browser of choice and grant permission!

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