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Using an AI to grade Subjective Questions
Using an AI to grade Subjective Questions

Learn how to reduce manual and bias evaluation and grade candidate's submission of your subjective questions with AI.

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At WeCP, we have integrated AI grading capabilities to streamline the evaluation of subjective questions. This feature ensures consistent and unbiased grading, saving time and improving the accuracy of assessments. Follow the steps below to enable AI grading for subjective questions within your WeCP Test Editor.

Step 1: Access the Test Editor

First, log in to your WeCP account. Navigate to the dashboard and select the test you wish to edit from your list of assessments. Click on the Test Editor to enter the editing mode.

Step 2: Select Your Question

Inside the Test Editor, browse through your questions or add a new one. To select a question, simply click on the question itself from the list. This will open the question in detail, allowing you to modify or review the settings.

Step 3: Enable AI Grading

Once you have your desired question open:

  1. Look for the grading options available on the right-hand side panel.

  2. Find the section labeled AI Grading.

  3. Toggle the switch to On to enable AI grading for the question.

AI grading is particularly useful for evaluating open-ended responses where subjective analysis is required. Once activated, the AI will analyze the content based on key criteria relevant to the question.

Step 4: Customize AI Grading Settings (Optional)

After enabling AI grading, you may have the option to customize how the AI evaluates answers. This could involve setting keywords that the AI should look for, defining the scoring rubric, or specifying certain criteria that align with your testing objectives. These settings will help tailor the AIโ€™s grading to your specific needs.

Step 5: Save and Confirm

Ensure all changes are saved by clicking the Save button. We recommend reviewing the settings once more to confirm that everything is set up as intended. Once confirmed, your test is ready to be deployed with AI grading enabled for the selected questions.


Q: Can AI grading be used for all types of subjective questions? A: AI grading is best suited for questions where the expected answers can be quantified by certain keywords, phrases, or concepts. It may not be suitable for questions that require creative thinking or highly personalized responses.

Q: How reliable is AI grading? A: AI grading in WeCP is designed to be highly reliable, utilizing advanced algorithms to mimic human grading accuracy. However, we recommend combining AI grading with manual reviews for critical assessments to ensure the highest standard of grading.

Q: Can I turn off AI grading if needed? A: Yes, you can disable AI grading at any time by toggling the AI grading switch to Off in the question settings.


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