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2021 Q1 - May Product Updates
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All good things must come to an end and be replaced with something way better. WeCP Engineering carries customer success in the heart. With improvements and plenty of new features, WeCP is constantly innovating. In the April + May 2021 release, WeCP presents you with the following product updates.




1. New UI/UX for Test Library

The previous test library had limitations with its UI. The test cards didn't have tags, skill and question type were not a separate filters. We've done major updates to UI of test library.


2. You can now view sample questions for every pre-built tests

It was hard to view questions of a pre-built test in the pervious library. Now, the pre-built tests show sample questions.


3. New Filters inside the test library

We've introduced the below filters to make it easy for our customers to search a test of their need:

  • Filter by job role to be assessed in the test

  • Filter by skills covered in the test

  • Filter by question types asked available in the test

  • Filter by experience level to be assessed in the test

4. If a test is not found in the library, you can request a test instantly

Requesting for a pre-built test was not an option in the previous test library. Now, it's possible to request a test directly from the platform.



The previous candidates dashboard had limitations with respect to the size of data that it could handle. Plus, it had CTAs all over the place. We untangled a couple of complex elements, deprecated a few and organised some elements together. The easy access to useful information was the focus.


The new candidates table has been improved on multiple aspects as listed below:

  1. The candidates table is able to handle 500% more data and loads faster than the previous table

  2. Copying private invite test link of a candidate is much easier now. The copy action is interactive.

  3. Downloading large number of reports (i.e 10,000+) at once with one click rather than the painstaking process we had to do before.

  4. Insights: we can see at a glance how many invites, taken the test, live count and invite to test taken ratio (only last one is new)

  5. We have disabled deleting a candidate’s test entry once the test has been started or completed. This has been implemented to maintain data integrity.

  6. New test readiness flags to caution recruiter or hiring manager before rolling out the test invites.

  7. New Filters to check status of a candidate. The status is described below:



1. Questions Warehouse got new UX

Question warehouse is a centralised library of questions in WeCP. The previous UX of question library had challenges with respect to ease of use. Skills, Filter by Tags are two separate filters now.


2. Upload questions without losing visuals and text richness

Uploading questions in bulk using earlier didn't upload visuals present in the excel file. Also the question text in the excel lost its richness after the upload. We've built an amazing algorithm to automatically upload visuals from the excel sheet and retain the richness of the text.

3. New UX for add single question

The previous UX of the question creating interface has been simplified. The interface now allows question setter to see rendering in realtime. We've overall improved the ease of use.


4. New Question Types in WeCP

WeCP allows test-setters to choose from a diverse set of question types and topics while creating a test. Apart from conventional question types such as Coding, Multiple-choice, Subjective, etc, WeCP offers some niche question types like Projects, Data Science, DevOps, Machine Learning, etc to assess your candidates in the best way possible.

The below article provides an overview of the different Question types supported by WeCP.


1. Candidates can give feedback to Interviewers

In the previous versions of Interviews, WeCP only allowed Interviewers to collect feedback about candidates. However, to improve the overall quality of interviews, it is now also possible for candidates to give a feedback to his/her Interviewer.


2. Bulk Interview scheduling speed is at least 5x faster

Earlier scheduling large number of bulk interviews (E.g in the range of 1000 - 2000) could take between 30 mins to an hour. We've optimised the scheduling speed and we expect such volume of invites to be completed within a couple of minutes.

3. Realtime joining status of Interviewer / Candidates

Interview moderators and admins can now check realtime statuses of the Interviewers and Candidates to confirm their attendance during the interview.

  1. Both Joined: Both Candidate and the Interviewer has joined the Interview

  2. Interviewer Joined: Only Interviewer has joined the Interview

  3. Candidate Joined: Only Candidate has joined the Interview

  4. Nobody Joined: Neither Interviewer, nor candidate has joined the Interview

4. Create multiple rounds of Interview and link previous rounds

It is now possible to link test rounds and interview rounds with each other for every candidate with a few clicks. Linking test and interview rounds help recruiters in creating a timeline of every candidate in the hiring process.



1. Test settings has been renamed to configuration

Previously called settings inside test dashboard has been renamed to test configuration. Previously called About in the test has been renamed to Instructions



1. Test participation percentage

If 100 candidates are invited for an assessment and 75 people participate in the test, the participation is 75%. We surface this information inside the new candidates table now.

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