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Does WeCP provide ready-made Tests and Questions?
Does WeCP provide ready-made Tests and Questions?
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers will learn about the different options regarding questions and tests provided by WeCP.

There are three options regarding Tests and Questions that you can choose from, on WeCP. You can explore them as explained below:



If you want to upload your own question or create a fresh one, you can simply go to the Question Library via the Questions tab in the dashboard and click Create/Upload.

You can add custom tags as unique identifiers and 1-click import them in as many tests/interviews you want.

You can skip the hassle of curating your own questions and assessment and simply browse the pre-made and expert vetted test templates created by WeCP for various Job Roles.

Simply import these tests and go straight to sending out invites to the candidates!
Learn more here -> Understanding Test Templates

Do you want WeCP to curate a custom test for you? Learn how to place a request here -> How to place a request for a WeCP customized Test?

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