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Understanding WeCP dashboard
Understanding WeCP dashboard
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will get an overview of the dashboard.

The dashboard is the landing page for your company. Any member associated with your company and having the access to your organization will land on this page, as soon as they log in.

Please refer to the following table to understand the functionalities of the different elements present on the left navigation pane in the dashboard:



You can access all the tests present in your organization, using this button. By clicking on this, you can make the list of all the tests visible on your organization's dashboard.


You can access all the interviews of your organization by clicking on this option. It will outline all the interviews on your organization’s dashboard.


This option will take you to the WeCP’s extensive question library. This is where you can access pre-made questions and save your own questions too.


All the pre-built WeCP test templates can be accessed from here.


Everything related to modifying the dashboard, adding users, personalization settings, and group settings can be configured using this option.


This button will take you directly to WeCP’s substantial knowledge base, where you can go through help articles explaining the different functionalities of the platform.


This button simply outlines the username of the person who has logged in to the organization dashboard, the name of the organization, and the option to log out.

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