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How can I rewatch candidates' proctored video after they have completed the test?
How can I rewatch candidates' proctored video after they have completed the test?
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers will learn how they can rewatch candidates' proctored video or test screen after they have completed the test.

To rewatch a candidate's proctored video

  1. Login to the WeCP Platform with your Recruiter/Hiring Manager account.

  2. Navigate to the test whose candidate proctor videos you want to rewatch.

  3. Click on the Candidates tab at the top.

  4. The Candidates tab shows the list of all invited candidates and their current test status (Ongoing, Not Started, etc).

  5. Click on the candidate's name whose proctored video you want to rewatch.
    Note: If you want to monitor more than one candidate at once, mark the checkboxes corresponding to such candidate names and click Bulk Actions>Monitor.

  6. The report screen opens showing the current score, performance, and percentage.

  7. Click on the See Playback option.
    Note: In case you want to see the proctored video of more than one candidate, click on the See Playback option corresponding to each candidate.

  8. You can also fast forward or skip to questions to see how they performed.

  9. If the candidate has violated any of the security controls applied, you will see these appear on the bottom right side of the screen highlighted in red.


Read More Understanding Candidate Reports to view results of completed tests.

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