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Share Candidate Reports with a member of other Organisation
Share Candidate Reports with a member of other Organisation
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Learn how recruiters and hiring managers can share candidate reports with their team members for a specific test, enabling collaboration.

Share candidate reports

  1. Log in to your WeCP account as a recruiter or hiring manager.

  2. Go to the home page and select the test for which you want to share reports.

  3. Under the Candidates tab, choose the candidate(s) and use the Bulk Actions menu to share reports with your team members.

  4. Recruiter or Hiring Manager can send reports of chosen candidates to up to 5 team members for review. You can set an expiration date for these reports. You can also choose additional details like Percentile, Skill Analysis, Productivity Graph, Proctoring Violations, Candidate Details, and Question Analysis for reviewers to see.

  5. Reviewers will get an email containing a link to view the test reports of the candidates.

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