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Understanding Test Settings
Understanding Test Settings
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers will gain an understanding of the different test configurations that can be defined through Test Settings.

  1. Login to your WeCP account as a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

  2. Select the Test from the home page and navigate to the Settings tab at the top.

  3. There are eleven areas of Test Settings that can be configured, which are briefly described below.

General Settings

This setting enables you to configure Test description and Test administration. It constitutes the Name of the Test field, Duration of the Test field, Active status button, Reload Test button, Lock Test button, and the Delete Test button.

Accessibility Controls

Multiple options are available to customize who can access the test and the duration for which the test link is valid. By default, only invited candidates can take the test unless the Public Link toggle has been turned on. Additionally, it also lets you define when can candidates take the Test and if candidates are permitted to retake the assessment after their first attempt.

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This setting enables a test administrator to schedule upcoming reminders for scheduled tests. These reminders serve as notifications for candidates who have not yet begun the test.


Remote Proctoring settings can be enabled to ensure candidates complete the online assessments with integrity. These settings help the recruiter/hiring manager monitor any violations for fraud and plagiarism. Violations are recorded in the candidate's test results.

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Landing Page

You can configure the Landing page of the Test, that will be visible to the candidates, using this setting. The options present under this include the customize start button name, edit Test instructions field, edit Privacy policy field, and requesting additional candidate information (ID card, resume, contact number, etc).

Candidate Test Page

This settings allow you to provide and enable various tools in the candidate's Test environment including a Calculator, or an Adaptive mode of question display. You can also set a custom redirect page URL using this option.


Members are required to perform different operations including creating Tests, inviting candidates to an interview using the interview scheduler, and inviting multiple candidates to a test using the bulk invite option. Members must exist in your WeCP system as valid users. It is also mandatory to have at least one member with Admin access to the resource.


Report settings can be configured to customize the information fields displayed in the candidate's test results report.

Performance Benchmarking

It allows you to set up the grading scores that indicate the candidate's test performance on a scale rating of Fail and Pass, by default. You can add up to 5 different rating scales and the upper and lower limits of these ratings are 100% customizable as per your choice.

Registration Data

This setting allows test administrators to gather additional details from candidates before inviting them to take the test. It can be customized according to your preferences, and with the inclusion of banner images and template cards, this page can be enhanced aesthetically.

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