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How to take an interview scheduled on WeCP's platform?
How to take an interview scheduled on WeCP's platform?
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Candidates who received an interview invitation will be able to accept and initiate the actions required by the recruiter.

To attend an Interview

  1. Open the email invitation that you received from the recruiter/Hiring Manager.

  2. It will notify you of the date and time for when the interview is scheduled.

  3. The time at which the interview link can be activated will be specified in the email, for example, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. If you initiate the interview prematurely, the following warning will be displayed.

  4. You are advised to click on the Start Interview button no earlier than the prescribed time. Further, you will be prompted to enable your microphone and camera. Read more How to Enable your Camera for a Video Proctored Test.

  5. Once the audio and video are enabled, adjust the camera and background lighting to make yourself clearly visible.

  6. Select the Agree to the Privacy Policy and proceed to the interview checkbox (The Privacy Policy can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink).

  7. When you are ready to begin, click on Join Interview.

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