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Guidelines for a Video Proctored Assessment
Guidelines for a Video Proctored Assessment
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Here are a few do’s and don'ts that you must follow before taking a video-proctored test.

Things to follow:

  1. Make sure you have a functioning webcam before logging into the test.

  2. Select a location where you can remain undisturbed for the entire duration of the examination.

  3. Adjust the webcam to ensure that your entire face and torso are clearly visible throughout the duration of the assessment.

  4. The lighting in your environment must be bright enough to be considered “daylight” quality.

  5. The environment around you must be as quiet as possible.

Things to avoid:

  1. You must not leave the video frame during the exam for any reason.

  2. The source of light must not be behind you.

  3. Ensure that there are no people around you.

  4. Ensure there are no photo frames/posters/images in the camera view that the AI might detect as another face in the frame. Common things to watch out for:

      1. Photo frames

      2. Deity posters

      3. Clothing articles depicting a face

  5. Use of headphones/earphones/any other electronic hearing device or mobile phones/gadgets is strictly prohibited during the assessment.

  6. Do not accept any calls during the test.


If the above guidelines are not followed, it will be considered as a violation and may lead to the disqualification of your test entry.

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