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Eliminate impersonation during Public Campus Hiring Assessments with WeCP
Eliminate impersonation during Public Campus Hiring Assessments with WeCP
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Hiring the right talent is pivotal to an organization's success. However ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the hiring process can often pose challenges, including the risk of candidate impersonation. However, with WeCP's advanced AI technology, you can now address these challenges head-on, ensuring a seamless and foolproof hiring process from application to onboarding.

We've identified key pre-employment stages where an employer needs to authenticate the identity of a candidate to prevent cases of impersonation or a proxy candidate.

The Problem

Impersonation during the entire hiring process

It's easy to understand the authenticity of a candidate, once he/she gets inside the assessment platform because for comparison you have a base image that the candidate provides during the pre-test check & then compare it with the the candidate who's writing the assessment.

But the real problem arises during Public Campus Hiring Initiatives where instead of inviting a selected set of students to take up the assessment, companies registration pages to get applicants from an entire demography or globally.

Traditional registration to assessment process fails because of the gap created between the identity of the candidate who registered and then verifying the identity of the same candidate while taking up the assessment.

Introducing WeCP's AI-based Verification System

WeCP's AI-based verification systems have proven to eliminate 70% of impersonation cases that occur due to impersonation where the candidate who takes up the pre-test check and the candidate who attempts the assessment are different people.

The current process involves matching the images of the candidate among the above-mentioned processes that can give 3 results based on the identification algorithm.

  1. No faces found - This is treated as a violation in case there's no human face detected during the assessment.

  2. Multiple Faces Found - This is treated as a violation in case there is more than 1 person present in the camera feed of the candidate.

  3. Other Faces Found - This is treated as a violation in case the candidate who took up the system check is different from the candidate taking the assessment.

Expanding AI-based Verification for Registration Pages

To increase the capabilities of WeCP's AI-based Verification System and to reduce impersonation cases for Public Facing Campus Hiring Usecases (that involve using Registration Pages), here's how WeCP can help you solve it.

Using WeCP's Custom Registration Page

While creating a registration page for an evaluation, we added a new field named 'Image Capture'.

The image capture field runs on the same algorithm that is present during the pre-test system check.

This image captured during the Registration Process will be stored in our database and mapped with the candidate's email address as the unique identifier.

Once the candidate has received the invite for the assessment, and captured their second image during the Pre-test check under Photo Verification, in case the candidate's initial image does not match with the image captured initially, the candidate will not be allowed to take up the assessment.


To ensure decreased impersonation cases for these use cases, the Image Capture support in registration pages enables organisations to eliminate major fraudulent attempts that can occur in public-facing hiring initiatives.

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