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Tackling impersonation using WeCP's AI
Tackling impersonation using WeCP's AI
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Hiring the right talent is pivotal to an organization's success. But ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the hiring process can often pose challenges, including the risk of candidate impersonation. However, with WeCP's advanced AI technology, you can now address these challenges head-on, ensuring a seamless and foolproof hiring process from application to onboarding.

Learn how to Integrate your candidate application system with WeCP. There are 4 key pre-employment stages where an employer needs to authenticate the identity of a candidate so as to prevent cases of impersonation or a proxy candidate.

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1. The Application Stage

With the integration of WeCP's AI into your job application system, you can begin the impersonation check right from the initial application stage. As candidates submit their application, their email IDs and photographs can be uploaded to the WeCP system. This information then forms the basis for subsequent verification and cross-checking at different stages of the hiring process.

2. Online Assessment Stage

Once candidates have been shortlisted and the online assessment stage begins, WeCP's AI jumps into action. During the test, the system cross-references the candidate's photo and email ID with the information initially provided during the application stage. This ensures that the same candidate who applied for the job is the one taking the test, thereby eliminating the chances of impersonation.

This not only guarantees the integrity of the assessment results but also ensures a fair selection process. By having this AI-driven impersonation check in place, organizations can protect themselves against fraudulent candidates who may try to game the system by using a proxy to take the assessment.

3. Live Interview Stage

The impersonation check continues through to the live interview stage. WeCP's AI uses facial recognition technology to match the candidate appearing for the interview with the photograph submitted during the application process. This check is seamless and non-intrusive, providing an extra layer of security and verification without disrupting the interview process.

With this innovative solution, interviewers can focus on assessing the candidate's skills and suitability for the role, confident in the knowledge that the person they're interviewing is indeed the genuine applicant.

4. The Joining Stage

Even after the candidate has been hired and joined the organization, the impersonation data remains securely stored within WeCP's system. This provides a permanent record for future reference if needed. Moreover, the system can be used for ongoing employee verification to maintain a high degree of integrity within the organization.


Impersonation in the hiring process can have serious consequences for businesses, potentially leading to poor hires, legal issues, and reputational damage. However, with WeCP's AI technology, you can effectively counter this threat, ensuring a secure and trustworthy hiring process. By integrating WeCP into your job application system, you can add an extra layer of protection against impersonation right from the application stage to the point of hiring. Remember, integrity is the cornerstone of any successful business - let WeCP's AI help you maintain it.

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