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How can I add marks to programming(algorithms) related questions?
How can I add marks to programming(algorithms) related questions?
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers can learn how to add marks to programming(algorithms) related questions.

To add marks to programming related questions

  1. Login to your WeCP account as a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

  2. Navigate to the test which has the programming questions and click on Open Dashboard button which appears at the top of the test window.

  3. Click on the Questions tab present on the left side of the Test Dashboard. Further, click on the Open Question Editor button at the top to enter the editor.

  4. In the editor, navigate to the question you want to add marks to and click on the Test Cases tab. Read More How to add Test Cases to a Test?

  5. By default, the marks assigned to every Test case is zero. You can edit it by manually entering the marks corresponding to each Test case in the Marks column.

  6. You can also mark as many Test cases as you want as a Sample Test Case in the Sample column. You have the liberty to assign any marks to the Sample Test cases. However, it is advised to assign zero marks to Sample Test cases because of their visibility to the candidates.



  1. The test cases which are not marked as Sample Test cases will be hidden from the candidates. The marks assigned to the Hidden Test cases will only be granted to the candidate after checking the correctness of the code, once the candidate hits the Save and Submit code button.

  2. A similar procedure will be followed for granting the marks assigned to the Sample Test cases as well, however, these Test cases will be visible to the candidates.

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