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How to Edit Questions directly in a Test?
How to Edit Questions directly in a Test?
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers will learn how to edit and remove existing questions in a test without changing the Question library questions.

To edit questions directly in a Test

  1. Login to your WeCP Recruiter/Hiring Manager account.

  2. Select the Test from the home page and navigate to the Questions tab at the top.

  3. Click on the down arrow in the Section, to view all the questions of that section, or click on Expand All to view the questions in all the sections.

  4. Further, click on the pencil icon corresponding to the question that you want to edit.

  5. There are several Question Types: Multiple Choice (MCQ), Subjective, Code, AI Coding, Typing, and Paragraph. The fields available for editing will depend on the Question Type. Read More What are the different question types supported by WeCP?

  6. After making all the changes, click on the Save Question button at the top, to save them.


Note: If the question has been imported from the question library, editing the question in the editor will not affect the original question in the question library.

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