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What is code quality? How is it assessed in WeCP?
What is code quality? How is it assessed in WeCP?
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will learn what is code quality and understand how WeCP assesses it.

Code Quality

The efficiency of the code, the level to which it is optimized(the amount of runtime memory that it uses), and its time complexity all together determine the quality of the code.

How does WeCP assess the quality of code?

  1. WeCP has inbuilt benchmarks of its coding evaluation criteria to assess the correctness of the code and the code quality.

  2. In simple words, WeCP follows a system wherein a brute force or low-quality solution will not be able to pass the performance test cases. However, it may still pass the functional test cases.

  3. On a similar note, a high-quality code will pass both functional and performance test cases.

  4. Hence, you can say, the quality of a code in WeCP is assessed by analyzing its performance for the time of execution on different test cases and the runtime memory that it requires to successfully generate the result.

  5. Keeping in mind the varying subjectivity and thought processes of the candidates, WeCP ensures that the quality scores are not simply assigned to the candidates' codes by just comparing them with each other.

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