Understanding Work Sample (File Upload) type questions
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will learn how Work Sample(File Upload) type questions are uniquely evaluated on WeCP's platform.

  1. WeCP provides you with a unique test environment that can be used to evaluate the candidates using different question types. This article explains the Work Sample question type in detail.

  2. These questions are specific and focused on assessing candidates' sound knowledge in a software that is already installed in their system.

  3. You can assess the candidates by asking them to perform various tasks on their system and upload the required file after task completion, without any fail. WeCP also provides ready-made Work sample type questions on various software/technologies to help your hiring needs meet the evaluation metrics.

  4. These work sample type assessments would require you to provide detailed instructions of the tasks that the candidates must complete and submit for evaluation.

  5. You must appoint skilled evaluators to manually evaluate these tasks.

  6. WeCP also provides you with options to enable plagiarism prevention and fraud detection in your tests. These proctor settings play a major role in assisting you in picking the right candidate.

  7. The candidates are required to upload the file in .doc format, as specified in the question.

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