Understanding Programming(Language) type Questions
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will learn how language-type programming questions are uniquely evaluated on WeCP's platform.

  1. WeCP provides you with a unique test environment that can be used to evaluate the candidates using different question types. This article explains the Programming(language) question type in detail.

  2. If you are looking for ways to evaluate the candidates' expertise in a specific programming language, programming(language) type questions are perfect to use.

  3. You can conduct the assessment for programming languages like Java, Python, Javascript, C/C++, GoLang, Kotlin, Scala, Swift, PHP, etc. Learn More

  4. These questions allow you to restrict the candidates from using any programming language other than the one for which you are conducting the assessment.

  5. The compiler on the WeCP's platform evaluates the solution for correctness and quality using Hidden Test cases.

  6. WeCP also provides readymade programming Tests created by experts. These tests can be made instantly available for you to use. You also have the option to request a customized Test consisting of specific concept related questions corresponding to the programming language for which you are hiring.

  7. Candidates will be writing their solution code in the in-browser IDE and will have the privilege to run and debug their solution as many times as they want.

  8. The candidates are expected to have sound knowledge of the required programming language, to solve these types of questions.

  9. WeCP also provides you with options to enable plagiarism prevention and fraud detection in your tests. These proctor settings play a major role in assisting you in picking the right candidate.

  10. The candidates can take the help of sample test cases to debug their code.

  11. A custom input button is also provided to the candidates to help them in debugging their code better.

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