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2022 Q1 - Product Updates
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  • Updates design for Test Dashboard

  • Updated design for Organisation Dashboard

  • Revamped Candidate Report

  • Added support for Code Quality

  • A bunch of under the hood optimisations to keep the engine running smooth! ;)

Test Dashboard

The entirety of the test dashboard has been revamped to bring critical decision-making information to the surface.

Information like the Performance (Did you know you can even add a custom performance tag)

  • At a glance, view if the candidate has made any proctoring violations (red exclamation mark next to the performance tag)

  • See a candidate's overall percentage as well as their performance against a customised benchmark that you set.

  • The test configuration is has been made super easy, simply refer to the suggestions on the bottom right and configure the settings using a single click

Organisation Dashboard

  • Unified the design to make it in sync with the rest of the platform

  • New design elements make it easier to see quiz owners and their current status

Candidate Report


  • Understand the candidate's test performance at a glance.

  • Compare the candidate's score with the average test score.


  • See where the candidate ranks among all the test takers.

  • View the candidate's percentile in comparison to other test-takers.


  • Graphical representation of the candidate's test attempt for each skill. Compare the candidate's performance in certain skills with the average performance of candidates for that particular skill.

  • Skill-wise bucketing of candidate's performance for each skill. Eg: JavaScript (top 2%), Angular (top 5%), Aptitude (bottom 15%).

  • Skill-wise percentage breakup for all Skills/Topics in the test.


  • View the time taken to solve the test and seamlessly compare it with the average time taken to solve the test.

  • Graph representing time spent on a particular skill vs marks received for it. Measuring productivity and the accuracy of answering has never been this easy!


  • A one-stop card displaying all flags related to proctoring.

  • In case you opted for Video Proctoring in your test, all proctored images for the candidate will be listed here.

  • There are times when a candidate looks like a perfect match but you spot that they have gone out of the tab 5+ times. This is the section of the report where you can make such critical decision making discoveries!


  • View all the question wise analyses of all the questions answered by the candidates in this card.

  • The card is divided into sections which are further divided into questions.

  • You can see what the candidate marked for each question, view all the coding submissions made by the candidate and view how many marks they have received for the submission!

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