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2022 Q2 - Product Updates
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Areas of improvement

  • Interview user interface update for candidates and interviewers

  • Added productivity graph in candidate reports

  • Added an option to export credit usage reports - Credit compliance is a breeze now

Interview Platform

We have re-engineered the interview platform to give a refreshed experience for Candidates and Interviewers!

The new flow enables interviewers to ask questions on the fly and assess candidates on the metrics they want to check rather than be limited by the predefined questions or the limitations of a virtual interview!

Before you get inside the interview

  • We have now introduced a virtual lobby for candidates where they can wait while the interviewer sets up the questions ahead of the interview time.

  • Interviewers can now choose when they want to admit the candidate!

  • You can now run a quick system beforehand to make sure you have a compatible system with a working webcam to avoid any hiccups once the interview starts.


Once the interview starts

  • Interviewers can now access the question library from within the interview platform, no need to spend longer restricting them from a limited list.

  • Each question type is now added as a tab making it much easier to navigate through the multiple questions

  • You can also see which question the candidate is on with a new ‘Follow’ option. You just have to click on the candidate's icon on the top right.

  • We have a brand new UI for the candidate scorecard!
    Giving remarks to the candidate is now intuitive and much easier!

  • Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Don’t worry if you overshoot your interview duration! We will nudge you slightly to tell you when you exceed your duration.

  • We have added a timer on the top left of the screen so you can track the duration of the interview

  • Worried about the candidate switching tabs during the interview? Now get directly notified if the candidate tries to toggle between tabs.


After the Interview

We have updated the feedback interface, giving feedback isn't boring anymore! Ask your candidates how the interview went!


Credit Report

Access credit usage history and make the process of compliance a breeze with the new feature to export your credit utilisation details directly to excel!


Productivity Graph in Candidate Reports!

Productivity graph is a more intuitive and natural way of interpreting a candidate's test attempt.

  • View the time taken to solve the test and seamlessly compare it with the average time taken to solve the test.

  • This Graph represents the time spent on a particular skill vs marks received for it. Measuring productivity and the accuracy of answering has never been this easy!

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