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Using Interactive Candidate Reports On Web Over PDF
Using Interactive Candidate Reports On Web Over PDF
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One of the frequent requirements of recruiters is to share candidate reports with external hiring managers, and they want to avoid any extra steps or hassles for the stakeholders to access the report.

Recruiters often try to export the candidate report in PDF format to share them with external stakeholders. However, we recommend you use WeCP's Interactive Report on Web -> See Example

Interactive reports offer numerous benefits over traditional PDF reports, making them a better option for all stakeholders. With interactive reports, recruiters can provide a more engaging and interactive experience of understanding reports.

In WeCP, our interactive candidate reports go beyond a traditional report by providing rich graphs and visualizations to make the data easier to understand and share. Additionally, you can check code submissions, code quality, code plagiarism, productivity graphs, and more, which are easily accessible in our interactive reports.

Interactive reports are web links, making it easy to open and share with others without the need for the recipient to log in to the WeCP platform. Unlike PDF reports, which are attachments and can be bulky and hard to handle, interactive reports are a much simpler and more efficient solution for sharing candidate reports.

We suggest using interactive reports over traditional PDF reports. They are more engaging and interactive, easier to handle and share with others and provide the most up-to-date information.

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