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How to Add-on Time or Add-on Bonus to Tests?
How to Add-on Time or Add-on Bonus to Tests?
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers can Add-on extra time or bonuses to candidates, while the candidates are still giving the test.

To Add-on Time or Bonus

  1. Login to your WeCP account as Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

  2. Navigate to the test that the candidates were invited to complete.

  3. Click on the Candidates tab at the top.

  4. Click on the checkboxes beside the Candidate name of all the candidates to whom, you want to assign extra time or bonus.

  5. Click on the Bulk Actions drop-down list at the top and select the Edit option.

  6. In the Update Users Test Information dialogue box that appears, enter the time(in minutes) in the Increase Addon time by (mins) field to increase the duration of selected candidates' tests.

  7. If you want to assign bonus points to the selected candidates' tests, enter the points in the Increase Addon bonus by field.

  8. Finally, click on Update User Details, and the Add-on Time or Add-on bonus will be assigned to the relevant candidates.

Note: Time and Bonus can only be added to the test of individual candidates, only if the test is ongoing.

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