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What happens if there is a loss of internet connectivity while taking a Test?
What happens if there is a loss of internet connectivity while taking a Test?
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Candidates will understand what to do in the event that their internet connectivity is lost or interrupted while actively taking a test on the WeCP Platform. It is advisable that candidates check their internet connection stability before starting a test.

How the Test Timer Works

  1. The test invitation received from the recruiter will advise on the test duration, e.g. 60 minutes.

  2. Once you click the button to Start Test, the timer is activated. When the test duration limit is reached, access to the test is closed.

  3. If during this time you experience a loss or interruption of internet connectivity, all answers submitted up to that point will be saved on the WeCP database.

  4. The timer is not reliant on the internet connection and will continue to count down until the time limit is up.

Restored Internet Connectivity

  1. When connectivity is resumed and you still have time remaining to complete the test, you may need to log in again or refresh the browser to continue.

  2. If your connectivity is resumed and the test time limit has been reached, you will no longer have access to the test.

  3. The Test Navigator on the left indicates which answers have been saved with a green circle.


Action Steps

If you were unable to finish your test within the required time limit due to technical issues, contact your recruiter. For valid, technical issues, additional time can be allocated to allow you to complete the online assessment.

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