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Using a Whiteboard during remote Interviews
Using a Whiteboard during remote Interviews
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WeCP is an online platform that allows interviewers to conduct technical interviews remotely. One of the features that WeCP offers is a whiteboard that can be used during interviews to facilitate problem-solving and collaboration. Here's how to use the whiteboard feature during interviews on WeCP:

  1. Start the interview: Log in to your WeCP account and start a new interview session. Once you've connected with the candidate, you'll be taken to the interviewer's screen.

  2. Access the whiteboard: On the interviewer's screen, you'll see a menu of options on the middle-bottom of the screen. Click on the "Whiteboard" option to open the whiteboard feature.


Once you've opened the whiteboard, the candidate will be able to see it on their end as well. Let the candidate know that they can access the whiteboard and encourage them to use it as they work through the problem.

Use the whiteboard to facilitate problem-solving: Use the whiteboard to present coding problems or scenarios to the candidate, and encourage them to use the whiteboard to draw diagrams, sketch out ideas, and explain their thought process. You can use the whiteboard to collaborate with the candidate and work through the problem together.

Using a whiteboard during interviews on WeCP can be a valuable tool for assessing a candidate's problem-solving skills and evaluating their fit for a particular role. By using the whiteboard to facilitate collaboration and problem-solving, you can get a better sense of the candidate's approach and methodology, as well as their ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively.

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