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How does CodePair Challenge work on WeCP?
How does CodePair Challenge work on WeCP?
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Hiring Managers and Recruiters will understand how online CodePair challenges can be conducted on WeCP's platform.

As the name suggests, a CodePair challenge involves an interviewer, an interviewee, and an online platform for their live interaction.

  1. You can easily organize a hassle-free CodePair challenge on WeCP's platform.

  2. Alongside a strict and intensive proctoring system, WeCP provides a real-time screen sharing feature, wherein the interviewee's entire screen will be visible to the interviewer.

  3. However, the unique virtual whiteboard feature and the digital scorecard feature are the features that set WeCP apart from similar platforms.

  4. This whiteboard feature allows the interviewer to assign real-world problems to the candidates. Thereafter, as the interviewee codes, it becomes visible to the interviewer in real-time. It is a two-way feature allowing both the interviewer and the interviewee to work on the code simultaneously.

  5. This feature also helps in studying the interviewee's body language and confidence while they work live on the IDE.

  6. The digital scorecard feature allows the interviewer to rate the interviewee instantly on the basis of their code quality, problem-solving skills, language proficiency, and their technical communication skills.
    Note: This scorecard will only be visible to the interviewer.

  7. The simple user interface of the platform is somewhat self-explanatory. This makes it very easy to understand and saves the interviewer from wasting their time in having to explain how the platform works to the interviewee.

  8. Even if the interviewer or the candidate is facing internet-related problems, WeCP’s platform will most likely be able to help them finish the challenge successfully because of its highly optimized interface that works well even in low bandwidth internet.

  9. Refer to the following image to get an idea of how the actual CodePair environment looks like:

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