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Handling candidate's queries as the Test Administrator
Handling candidate's queries as the Test Administrator
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There are three stages when a candidate may face hiccups while appearing for your Test.

  1. Before starting the test

  2. While taking the test

  3. After taking the test

Below are the ways you as the test administrator can help mitigate your candidate with these most frequent queries.

Before starting the test

  1. I don't have the link to start the test: Ask your candidates to search for keywords like "wecp", "test invitation", etc to find the email link. If the candidate is still not able to find their test link in their emails, you can find their private links from the WeCP platform. Finding the candidate's private test link URL

  2. When I click on the test link, it's infinitely loading: Ask candidates to check their internet speed or send this link -> Steps to follow if the test link is not loading

  3. I clicked on the link, but it says the test has ended: This means, the candidate is late to the test. You may extend the login window and allow the candidate. How to extend the login window of a test.

  4. My system check is failing: Ask them to use the latest browsers (Chrome is recommended) a list of supported devices and browsers. If they are facing firewall issues, ask them to troubleshoot: Troubleshooting network firewall issue

  5. I am not able to start the test due to a camera issue: Ask them to troubleshoot their camera issues How to fix your camera issues for the test

While taking the test

  1. Questions and images are not visible inside the test: Ask them to ensure they're connected to the internet and there is no firewalls/software blocking images on the browser. For more information, they can refer to Why are Questions and Images not visible in the Test?

  2. The IDE is not loading/infinitely loading: Refer to why the website may load slow or finite for you. You must hard reload the page by clicking Ctrl+Shift+R / Cmd+Shift+R on your keyboard. You will see a Proctor Violation message, but you can ignore it for once. For more information refer to The IDE is infinitely loading. What do I do now?

  3. My camera suddenly stopped working: This means either the candidate has left the system on sleep mode or inactivity which stops the camera or other hardware issues, please check My camera suddenly stopped working, what should I do?

  4. I accidentally closed the test window : Ask them to navigate to the inbox of your registered email id and click on the Start Test button in the test invitation link that they would've received. For more information, please refer to How to resume test if it got closed accidentally?

  5. I am getting face not detected or face violations: Ask them to sit in a well lit room, there should be no one around their camera, and other necessary conduct, Guidelines for video proctored test

After completing the test

  1. I finished my test by mistake : We regret that we would not be able to help you in this regard as finishing a test voluntarily despite 2 consents is treated as a consensual finish (How do I finish my test) We suggest you to request your recruiting company / organization to permit you for a re-attempt.

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