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Understanding Question Gist Feature on the WeCP Platform
Understanding Question Gist Feature on the WeCP Platform
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In this article, we will explore the Question Gist feature and how it simplifies the assessment process.

Understanding the Question Gist Feature:

The Question Gist feature on the WeCP Platform - This enhancement promises to revolutionize the way hiring managers and technical recruiters design their tests, providing a quick snapshot of the main skills or concepts assessed in each question.

Questions Gist offers more than just the gist—it's a key that opens the door to an efficient and effective skill assessment process. Its innovative design directly aligns with the role's desired outcomes, eliminating irrelevant questions and fostering a more focused, accurate selection process.

Additionally, this feature encourages standardisation, promoting fair comparisons between candidates. By focusing on the question's gist, it's easier to design questions that are universally understood and applied. This uniformity removes potential bias, creating a fair, competitive environment for all candidates.


The Questions Gist feature is powered by advanced generative AI technology, bringing machine learning and natural language processing to the forefront of skill assessment. It's a robust example of the potent synergy between artificial intelligence and human expertise, marking a major leap forward in the recruitment industry.

The marriage of AI technology and WeCP's in a world where time is a precious commodity serves as a beacon of convenience, productivity, and accuracy. And that, in essence, is the real gist of the story.

Benefits of having Question Gist:

  1. Efficiency: Simplified gist of complex questions is saving significant time for assessment designers.

  2. Improved comprehension: The question gist is helping to better understand the essence of the questions, reducing the potential for misunderstandings.

  3. More time for strategic tasks: The time saved from understanding the questions allows for more focus on strategic tasks such as interviewing candidates, managing teams, and future planning.

Steps to view a Question Gist:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Create a test and then go to "Add Question"

  3. Select Question format and you will be able to see the gist for all questions.

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