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WeCP's integration with Google Calendar is a powerful feature that helps recruiters, candidates, and interviewers stay on top of their schedules. By automating the addition of assessment and interview events to Google Calendars, WeCP enhances the efficiency of the recruitment process and improves the success rate of assessments and interviews.

Simplifying Scheduling for Recruiters

Recruiters often juggle multiple candidates and interviewers, making scheduling a complex task. WeCP's Google Calendar integration simplifies this by automatically inserting the event into the calendar of all involved parties once an invite is sent. Here’s how it benefits recruiters:

  • Automated Event Creation: As soon as you send an assessment invite or schedule an interview through WeCP, an event is created in your Google Calendar.

  • Time-Saving: Eliminates the need to manually create calendar events, saving valuable time.

  • Error Reduction: By automating the process, the risk of human error – like scheduling mistakes – is significantly reduced.

Keeping Candidates in the Loop

Candidates often have multiple interviews and assessments to manage. With WeCP's integration, they receive automated calendar invites which:

  • Increase Engagement: Candidates are more likely to remember and attend assessments with a calendar reminder.

  • Enhance Experience: Providing a seamless scheduling experience can improve a candidate's perception of your company.

Aligning Interviewers’ Schedules

Interviewers are typically busy professionals with little time to manage their schedules. The integration offers:

  • Centralized Scheduling: Interviewers can see their commitments in one place, reducing scheduling conflicts.

  • Convenience: Enables interviewers to RSVP to events, giving recruiters immediate visibility into their availability.

How to Enable Google Calendar Integration

You do not need to do anything. It's auto-enabled with your test or interview invites.

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