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I'm expecting an online test, how do I find my test link?
I'm expecting an online test, how do I find my test link?
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Candidates who are expecting to be assessed online will be able to find out how to access their test link and get started straight away.

  1. Your recruiter will email you an invitation to complete an assessment on the WeCP Platform.

  2. Open the email account of the email address that you gave to the recruiter.

  3. You should see an email from the recruiter containing details and the expected duration of the test you need to take. If you are unable to locate the email, search all emails from "".

  4. Ensure you have set aside the required time and you are ready to complete the test.

    Note: Candidates need to finish the test in one sitting as it cannot be paused or completed at a later stage once they have started the assessment.

  5. If you are ready, click the Start Test button and the assessment will be launched in your default browser.

  6. To run the test in a different browser, copy the link provided below the Start Test button.

  7. If a new email has not arrived in your primary inbox, check spam/junk folders in case it was automatically filed elsewhere.

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