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How do I know if my answers are successfully submitted?
How do I know if my answers are successfully submitted?
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Candidates can check which answers were successfully submitted and saved before confirming to finish the test. This helps the candidate ensure all questions were answered.

  1. When you start your online test, you will see the Test Navigator on the left.

  2. This panel gives an outline of the test structure by section and the number of questions contained within each section.

  3. You can navigate through the questions by clicking on the question numbers or by clicking the Next button at the top of each question.

  4. For every submitted and saved answer, the question will be marked with a green circle in the Test Navigator and the progress circle (on the left of the screen) will also increment as you answer each question.

  5. If a question doesn't have the green indicator, it means an answer has not been submitted. If this problem persists, ensure you're connected to the internet.

  6. Once you have answered all the questions in the test, the progress circle will hit 100% and all questions in the Test Navigator should have a green circle to depict that your answers have been successfully saved.

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