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What is Login time window? And, How is it different from Test Duration?
What is Login time window? And, How is it different from Test Duration?
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The candidates will learn about the login time window and test duration.

Login time window

It is the time window (denoted by Start time and End time) within which you will be able to enter the test. This time window is independent of the test duration and once the time window expires, you won't be able to start the test.

For example, let's say your test is scheduled to start at 2 PM, and if the test has the login window configured as 2 PM to 4 PM, then you cannot start the test before 2 PM and after 4 PM.

Note: Once you start the test within the provided time window, you will get the entire test duration to complete the test.


Test Duration

It is the total time provided for the completion of the test. Once your time runs out, the test will get auto-submitted. Please make sure to save your submissions before proceeding to the next question.

For example, let's say the test duration is 120 mins and if you start the test at 4 PM, then you can take the test till 6 PM.

Note: If your timer runs out and you weren't able to submit the test by pressing the "Finish Test" button, don't worry, WeCP auto-submits your test and sends all your marked answers for evaluation!

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