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Understanding Question Analytics
Understanding Question Analytics
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Recruiters and Hiring Managers can familiarize themselves with Question Analytics to better understand how to manage questions for new and existing tests.

In this article, we will explore the Question Analytics feature and how it simplifies the assessment process.

Understanding the Question Analytics Feature:

The Question Analytics feature available offers comprehensive insights and data analysis about various aspects of questions used within the platform. It encompasses a detailed examination of question performance, historical trends, and statistical metrics. Through this feature, users gain a deeper understanding of how questions have been utilized, their effectiveness, and their impact on assessments or evaluations conducted.

Steps to View Question Analytics:

Login to your WeCP Recruiter/Hiring Manager account.

  1. Click on the Questions tab on the left navigation panel to open the Question Library. This is where all defined test questions exist in the WeCP platform.

  2. Use the filters to find specific questions by Difficulty, Question Type, Skills, and Tags.

  3. Once you have found questions based on your filtration, Click on Analytics.

Once clicked, A pop-up window will appear on your screen with the following:

Question Gist

  • This enhancement promises to revolutionize the way hiring managers and technical recruiters design their tests, providing a quick snapshot of the main skills or concepts assessed in each question. Learn more about Question Gist Here.


  • See who is the creator of the question.

Created On

  • See when was this question created and at what time.

Last Edited

  • See when this question was last edited and at what time.

Total Views

  • See how many views this question has had since its creation, these views are inclusive of views from test creators and takers. The total view helps predict the health of the question.

Last Viewed

  • See when this question was last viewed.

Average Candidate Score

  • See the performance of the question summarized to analyze the complexity of the question defined.

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